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• The Number of Internet Users inside Egypt has increased to 23.1 million after the revolution on the 25th of January 2011, with an increase of 1.9 million. This means that all Egyptian families have one or more users of Internet (Average number of Egyptian family is 4-5 individuals). (Report prepared by techno-wires institution citied to Reuters in March 2011).

• Egyptians living abroad, which amount to 8 million, could not find any way other than the internet to watch the latest news on Egypt during the 2011 revolution.

• The total number of Egyptian internet Users are 31.1 million (23.1 inside Egypt + 8 million outside Egypt). This number continuously increases and with a large number per month.

• The ‘revolution of the 25th of January’ has proven that internet in Egypt is widespread.

• The ‘revolution of the 25th of January’ has proven that Internet has not been limited to a certain class but is in-fact used by all classes, giving it a strong influence, contrary to the previous widespread belief.

• All Egyptian news and newspapers are available, free of charge, on the internet (political, sports and other), causing an increase in the number of internet users. This increase in number has also had a significant affect on sales and distribution of the Egyptian newspapers; this weakens the newspapers as a channel for property advertisement.

• Internet is available all over the world and in all Arab countries.

• The internet has not become something of a luxury, but rather one of the basics of life such as water, electricity, telephones, etc.

• The Internet is the only tool that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

• Problems such as time differences have been overcome by the use of internet, allowing for all countries to be able to communicate with each other at all times.

• Because there has been an increase in the use of the internet, and because it has become so widely spread, the internet is now the best available marketing tool in this modern age. Nearly all countries use the internet when making deals and sales for all goods and commodities)
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Our website www.2R2E.com
In comparison to newspapers
.. Our Website ..
.. Newspapers ..
Efficiency in the marketing and sales of units
High efficiency for the following reasons:

A. Finding your property is quick and easy through the websites’ advanced search tools. Only interested and serious buyers will contact you.

Low efficiency for the following reasons:

A. Finding your property is difficult as it requires newspaper readers to contact you in order to inquire about your property. Many of these readers may contact you at inconvenient times or when you are not available. After giving your property details (for the 100th time), they may not be interested in it i.e. it becomes a nuisance and a waste of time.
B. Making the decision to buy your property is easy due to the comprehensiveness and detailed descriptions, as well as the photos that exist on the website.
B. Making the decision to buy your property is difficult due to the limited information provided.
C. The effort in finding the suitable property is minimal. This is due to the ability of narrowing down a few of the selected properties for further exploration. This becomes possible as a result of the thorough description of properties displayed on the website.
C. The effort in finding the suitable property is Immense. This is due to the lack of available information provided in the newspaper.
D. - Opening new outlet markets:
Reaching Egyptians abroad
Reaching Arabs interested in Egypt.
Reaching Europeans, Americans and world wide buyers interested in Egypt( because the website has been designed to addresses multilingual & multicultural interests).

D. The traditional limited marketing outlet: Only reaching few of the residents in Egypt.

E. Ever increasing number of web visitors

E - Limited, if not a decreasing number of newspaper readers.
F. Website visitors: all of them are coming particularly for the real-estate market.
F - Newspaper readers: real-estate is among other subjects; it is not their main focus.
G. The duration of displaying properties on the website starts from one month (and can be extended). This gives enough time for prospect buyers to view your property, hence improving the opportunity of selling your property.
G. The duration of advertising is one day: The likelihood that prospect buyers will view your property that particular day is a matter of luck.
H. There are many ways to communicate: the email in particular is a valuable tool because the sender can send it at the time which suits him, and you can reply at the time which suits you. This guarantees that communication will take place regardless of either party’s circumstances.
H. The only way to communicate is through the telephone: if you miss the call, you miss the opportunity. Calling from outside Egypt is expensive and may be inconvenient due to the time difference.
Poor time management and inconvenience
A. Displaying your property on the website is convenient and enables you to manage your time more efficiently.
Only the serious buyers, who have already viewed the description of your property and like it, will contact you.

A. Advertising your property in the newspaper is inconvenient and difficult to manage and causes a lot of time to be wasted.
Buyers may call only to seek information about your property; they may come to realize that this is not the property they’re looking for.
Brokers may call you to collect information for the sake of their personal records.
Brokers may call you to manipulate you and undervalue your property in order to get it for a low price.
Landlords may call you just to find out the value of your property and then price their property accordingly.
B. If it is an inconvenient time to call you, prospect buyers will still be able to contact you via email.
B. The only means of communication is through the telephone which can become a nuisance when people call you at inappropriate times.
Nature of information displayed
Comprehensive and carefully selected by real-estate experts:

The information displayed has been prepared and configured by experts within the business of real estate (both technical and legal) for the data entry to be comprehensive yet easy.

All you need to do is follow the easy and straightforward steps. The outcome of this data/entry process will be as though it is a report, which has been written by professional experts in the real-estate industry.
Very few words which rely on how good a person is when describing their property:

No help is provided by the newspaper. Advertisers have to describe their properties in very few words because every word costs money.

Following the newspaper advert, advertisers have to continuously mention and explain the complete description of the properties to the many callers enquiring about their property.
Presentation style
Attractive and colourful designs including photos:
This is offered for all advertisers as a standard policy. As mentioned before, this type of presentation results in a property description which resembles visiting the property itself.
Unattractive and without photos:
Note: The font size for adverts is very small (size 9) and black in colour. For a bigger sized and coloured font, the price for the advert will be doubled.
Amount of information presented:
Presenting up to 107 items:
A. up to
20 photos
B. 14 items for describing the
internal details of the property
C. items for
areas and dimensions of all rooms (optional)
D. 9 items for describing the
external details of the property
E. 5 items for describing the
view details of the property
F. 36 items for describing the
area details of the property
G. 5 items for specifying the
contract (including legalities) and payment details
H. 10 items specifying
contact details for the owner representative or broker
I. a
map describing property location
Approximately 10-20 words:
The space of
10-20 words only (colour: black, font size: 9), in which you have to describe your property and leave your telephone number. The more words you add, the more money you pay. Change in colour or size costs
duration of Advert
A. The starting price to display a property on the website is 200 E.G pounds, covering the comprehensive description of the property (107 items) and including up to 20 photos, for the duration of a month.

A. The price for advertising in ‘Al-Ahram’ newspaper is 270 E.G for 10 words. (Prices for 2011). The price for advertising in ‘Al-Waseet’ newspaper is 155 E.G for 21 words. Every extra word will be added to the cost. The duration of the advert lasts for ONLY one day!!!
B. Displaying properties can be extended for only 40 E.G per extra month.

B. Extending the advert is NOT an option. Price will be as though you have advertised for the first time.
C. Re-displaying properties which have been previously removed from the display is possible for a discounted price.
C. Re-advertising is NOT an option. Price will be as though you have advertised for the first time.
Pricing your property
A side benefit you can get from the website is being able to price your property. This is possible by searching and comparing with other similar properties, therefore you will not undervalue (so you lose) or overvalue (so you don’t sell) your property.
This is extremely tedious and prone to errors.
go to the topThe advantages and unique characteristics which distinguish us from other websites

1. Quickly finding the required properties through the efficiency and speed of search tools

The aim of search tools is to get the buyer to find the best properties which best suits their needs and budget. The speed and efficiency of searching for properties are achieved when the search tools have the following features:

• The First Feature: The number of specifications used in searching for the property

The higher the number of specifications used, the faster the search tools can find the property. Similarly the lower the number of specifications used, the longer the buyer will take to find what they’re looking for.

The search tool on our website provides 10 different specifications for the customer when searching for apartments to buy, whereas other websites only provide 3-6 specifications on average.

• The Second Feature: The search tool shows the customer the results of what they’re looking for immediately (there and then!)- Hence the customer can refine the number of properties found while searching.

Not having this feature makes the process of searching for a property very rigid. The problem that the customer faces, is that the outcome of searching for properties can either be too much, (which requires a further search) or too little- rarely providing the customer with what they’re looking for. (It can be a hit and miss which is frustrating.)

How it works: By defining one or more of the specifications, the search tool should immediately provide the customer with the relevant number of properties which have such specifications. This sort of immediate feedback will invite the customer to either accept the search results (if the number is reasonable, say from 5-20), or to keep refining the specifications to increase or decrease the number of search results until it becomes manageable.

For example, when a customer chooses the number of bedrooms to be 3, the search tool will tell him how many flats have 3 bedrooms. If the number of flats found is too many (or too little), then the customer can reduce (or increase) this number by changing one variable at a time,(e.g. the price range and so on) until the search comes out with a manageable figure.

This feature exists on our website (www.2R2E.com) and as of yet we have not seen this on any other website.

2. Through a comprehensive and in-depth description of the properties on our website the customer can easily make the decision to buy/rent

Viewing properties on our website is just as good as visiting the property itself. www.2R2E.com has been designed in such a way that it gives the customer the same information they would have acquired if they visited the property itself. Our aim (at 2R2E) is not only to describe properties the traditional way, but also to give expert real estate advice which satisfies and answers the needs from all aspects and different perspectives: landlords, brokers and buyers (local and global).

Examples of specifications we provide:

     • Photos of the property
     • Internal & External details of property
     • Area (m2) of the property
     • Outward scenery
     • Nature of surrounding area (e.g. quiet/busy)
     • Services within the surrounding area
     • Legal aspects
     • Contract & payment
     • Map of location

3. A modern method of presenting information that describes properties in a comprehensive way which meets *local and international standards.

The depth and the comprehensiveness of the information presented to describe a property, has been designed to be enough of a source for the customer to decide whether to take further steps for buying/renting. Consequently, most of the calls landlords/brokers will receive, will be from interested buyers.

Presenting information is structured in two levels:

• The First level: presents brief information about the properties (contains an average of 13 items)

If the customer feels that the property is what s/he is looking for and wants to obtain more information then s/he can go to the next level.

• The second level: presents detailed information about the property and contains an average of 107 items, photos and a map

It is here that the quality and comprehensiveness of information is presented to give the same effect, as though the customer is viewing the property and surrounding area in person, as well as meeting the needs and queries of local and international standards.

*LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS: making Egyptian culture in real estate accessible to non- Egyptians. For example, ‘other rooms’ may be intended to mean housekeepers room.

4. Having dual languages on the same webpage and not having to navigate between pages

This feature creates a platform for enabling communication between those who don’t speak the same language, thus creating opportunities and opening worldwide markets like never seen before. Landlords can sell/rent their properties to buyers regardless of difference in language (and vice versa).

5. The ease of usage

• Date entry is an easy multiple choice

All that is required from the landlord/broker is to answer one question after the other by simply choosing from the multiple-choice questions. The multiple choice questions have been prepared and configured by experts within the business of real estate (both technical and legal) in order for the data entry to be comprehensive yet easy. It is worth noting that the time required to answer these questions takes no longer than an hour (compare this with doing it on your own; the effort, experience, cost and time which is required from the landlord/broker to describe their properties).

• Automatic translation

Although the website is multilingual, only one language is required to benefit from all the functionalities that have been offered on the website- thanks to the automatic translation between Arabic to English and vice versa. Other languages will be added in the near future.

6. The website specializes in Real Estate marketing only.

This attracts customers who are particularly interested in real estate only: thus satisfying landlords, brokers and prospect buyers and achieving a high level of quality and professionalism in all real estate matters.

7. Not only does the website specialize in the real-estate market, but more than this, it goes further into the specifics of the Egyptian market.

It’s not a western website package that has been localized/‘Arab-ized’ like most other websites in Egypt (or in the Middle East). The website has been designed from scratch in order to address the unique features of the wide Egyptian real estate market, which attracts not only local customers, but also European, American and other world wide customers. To achieve these features, the website required the implementation of the latest internet technology along with an investment of both money and time.

8. Opening new marketing outlets:

By attracting an ever increasing number of web visitors:

     • Who are only interested in the Egyptian real-estate market
     • Who come from Egypt, the Middle East, Europe, America and the rest of the world

9. The website establishes a global market place on the internet for Egyptian real-estate overcoming the barriers of language, cultural and distance.

The Egyptian real-estate can be a universal market for Egyptians, Arabs and foreigners who live in or outside of Egypt. Only if it overcomes the obstacles of language, culture and time difference.

The real-estate market in Egypt is huge and highly fragmented into different isolated sectors. This creates an environment where prices and quality of properties are not aligned, depending on which sector they belong to. For example, you can find two similar properties in near by areas having two very different prices. In the same way, you may find two properties with similar prices but are very different in quality. The consequences of such situations are that many opportunities, for either the landlord, broker or prospect buyer, can go unnoticed and therefore are lost.

To avoid losing out on such opportunities the website has overcome the following obstacles:

• Obstacle of Language:

Due to the automatic translation the language obstacle has been overcome.

• Obstacle in Culture:

The comprehensiveness of property description meets all standards and satisfies the needs of all buyers- regardless of their culture.

• Obstacle of being abroad/distant from properties:

The comprehensiveness of property description allows the buyer to view properties as though they have visited the property in reality. Thus the buyer can select properties which suit him best while being abroad/distant.

• Obstacle of Disintegration:

The website as described above, creates a market place which integrates and consolidates the isolated sectors within the Egyptian real-estate markets, therefore creating new opportunities for landlords, brokers and prospect buyers (/renters), from inside or outside of Egypt.

10. Exclusive prices to advertise on www.2R2E.com:

• Catering especially to suit the needs of the Egyptian market- offering high value at unbeatable prices.

• At such prices, the minimum period of time to display your property on the website is one month. This can be extended with a further price reduction.

• 2R2E’s pricing policy allows for three different ways of displaying properties:

      1. Displaying properties for the first time.
      2. Extending the time of current displayed properties.
      3. Re-displaying properties which have been previously removed from the display.

[The purpose for this pricing policy is to give ample time and better opportunities to sell.]

We do not know of any other website that has a similar system which is as easy and as efficient as www.2R2E.com
go to the topThe exclusiveness of our prices

Low cost of Advertising:

• Less than 1% of the cost for advertising in newspapers (for the same amount of words and the same period of time).
• Less than 50% of the cost of advertising in other websites (for the same period of time)

Period of Advertising: a minimum of one month, this is to give ample time and better opportunities to sell.

Possibility of re-advertising: at a substantial discounted price:

Possibility of extending period of advertisement: with a further price reduction

Range of prices and advertising periods: something to suit everybody’s needs.
go to the topWhy don’t I have my own website?

A myth that should be corrected:

There is a myth that many companies and businessmen have; they believe that building their own website is an easy matter. They think that all that is required for them is to contact a company which promises – as advertised in newspapers - to build websites for cheap prices.
Building websites has been evolving for over more than 20 years. The quality and usefulness of websites in this day and age can not be compared to websites that were made in the early nineties. From the outset they may look similar to non-experts, both are websites. However, one website can be made in no time with hardly any money and effort (which is actually useless), whereas the other website requires a real investment of time, money, quality and expertise. Therefore the myth arises from two things;

      1. Many of the business men and decision makers do not realize the difference between the two types of           websites.
      2. Many companies, who advertise building websites for a cheap price, do not tell customers nor make them           aware that there are two types of websites. They are only after quick money.

To explain the matter further:

First - The experience/effort required to build a primitive website (which resembles a nice looking catalog):

Any amateur who is not specialized in designing websites, but is clever when using the internet can build such primitive websites. By using ready-made templates, it may only take a few days, or even a few hours, to accomplish such a task. The outcome of this type of website is no better than the traditional paper catalog, with some added features such as sounds and videos to portray a website that may seem advanced. Such websites do not add value to the business; on the contrary, it may give it a bad reputation. Knowing how useful and necessary websites are for businesses today, one can say that the worst effect of building such primitive websites, is that it stops companies from building advanced and effective websites which add real value to their business.

Second - The experience and effort required to build a useful and sophisticated but simple website of quality:

Added to the high cost/time required to build such websites, the following experts are necessary for a team who will work together, to design and build a quality real estate website for the real estate market:

      1. Experts in Real Estate marketing
      2. Experts in marketing inside and outside Egypt
      3. Experts in marketing over the Internet and through the social media
      4. Experts in translating the needs of Real-Estate marketers onto computer designs which web-developers can           program (this type of expertise is rare and hence too expensive)
      5. Experts in Advanced Internet (online) programming
      6. Experts in programming for a multi-lingual environment (Currently Arabic and English but ready for adding more           languages)
      7. Experts in Internet Search Engines
      8. Experts in tuning the website to be compatible with all browsers and search engines
      9. Experts in database design and maintenance
      10. Experts in designing highly interactive websites.
      11. Experts in making use of all available marketing channels (and coordinating between them) to attract local and             global customers to the website
      12. Experts in maintaining, updating and upgrading the website
      13. Mastering multi-languages (Arabic, English, Russian, German, etc.)

Third - Investment required (in time and money):

From the early start up to the launching of the website in www.2R2E.com, the time taken to complete phase one was around 2 years, and the cost was nearly 1.5 million Egyptian Pounds. The website is still under development and the expected overall cost will reach near enough to 3 million Egyptian Pounds.

The monthly cost of running and maintaining the site is around 50 thousand Egyptian Pounds. This is expected to increase with the increase of number of real estate units and the number of website visitors per day.

This is in addition to the continuous cost of updating and upgrading the website to remain competitive and to cope with the advancement in Internet technology.


The use of Internet technology in sharing information in order to cooperate together was one of the motivations and one of the outcomes of the Egyptian revolution of 25Jan 2011.

Why don’t we cooperate together: you will benefit from our website as a modern means of marketing your property in Egypt and all over the world, while you pay full attention in running your own business as a real estate investing or contracting company, or broker or even a landlord.

It is worth mentioning here that this sort of cooperation between companies is the new trend in running businesses worldwide; it is known as outsourcing, in which companies organize and divide the work they do into two parts:

• Part one contains the company’s primary work: This is the type of work in which the company has gained experience over the years, to run the business efficiently, to control its cost and to improve its performance and finally to accomplish most of the business profit.

• Part two contains the company’s secondary work: This is the type of work which falls outside the scope of the company’s area of expertise and in which the company has little experience to manage it successfully. Delegating this part of the work to other companies which are specialized in it, is what is known as outsourcing. It allows the company to get the best possible efficiency in this part of the work, at a reasonable – under control – cost. While at the same time, enables the company to devote all its internal resources to its primary work, in order to achieve the best possible profit.

Companies that apply this approach of outsourcing their secondary work, achieve efficient results and better profit compared to their counterparts who don’t outsource. Why not take advantage of this cooperative, outsourcing approach and use our website, www.2R2E.com to market your real estate properties.